Breakup Warning Signs

Is your partner about to breakup with you? Here are some of the breakup warning signs that you should know, so you can save your relationship.

Breakup warning signs, when identified early enough, can help you save your relationship from crumbling. Learn to read the breakup warning signs and resolve whatever issues exist between you and your significant other.

Here are some of the warning signs that may indicate that there’s trouble ahead in your relationship.

  1. Your partner stops calling you to wish you a good day at work.
  2. You try to avoid talking to each other when together.
  3. Your phone calls are not returned anymore.
  4. At home, you try to stay in separate rooms, keep the door closed, or avoid talking to each other.
  5. Your significant other starts coming home later and later from work. He or she prefers staying at work and coming home when you are already asleep.
  6. Your partner starts to fail to contribute money to maintain the rent and utilities, if you are both living together and do not have children.
  7. Your significant other shows no empathy when you are tired from a hard day’s work and want to stay home and rest.
  8. When you are trying to save money to buy a house, your significant other would rather spend money on eating out rather then cooking every night. He or she would rather go out to a movie twice a week, rather then renting a video or watching TV. This occurs even when your partner complains about where you live and wants to move.
  9. Your significant other doesn’t want to talk about finances or share financial information anymore.
  10. Your partner starts having their mail mailed to their work address.
  11. Your significant other starts associating again with their single friends from before you were a couple.
  12. When you are out together, your partner flirts with other people in front of you.

If you start noticing these breakup warning signs and you want to save your relationship, it’s not too late. You and your partner can still make it work, but both of you must want to save the relationship — it cannot be just you. Both of you will have to work together towards preventing a breakup.

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