Preventing a Breakup

Preventing a breakup should be your top priority. Here’s some advice on how to resolve differences in your relationship and prevent a breakup.

Preventing a breakup should be at the top of your priority list, especially when you feel that your relationship is in trouble. This article provides some advice on how to resolve existing differences in your relationship and prevent a breakup.

Usually, everyone enters a relationship with great expectations. There are promises of everlasting love, hope, trust and commitment. Problems and conflicts inevitably arise in any relationship, and if they go unresolved, resentment and anger will grow. The only way to solve your problems and save the relationship is to go back and do the maintenance work that’s been neglected over the years.

The first step to healing your relationship is to openly discuss with your partner regarding the breakdown of your relationship and talk about how you propose to restore it.

Once both parties are willing to rebuild the relationship, make a commitment to work though the following steps together: Schedule a specific amount of time for the next month and begin the process by acquiring a healing journal.

Start the first entry of the healing journal with a letter of commitment. Commitments include specific amount of time to be committed  to work on the relationship. Describe what you hope to achieve, what will happen to your commitment if things get uncomfortable, difficult and hard.

Make a list describing all the ways your partner has hurt you in the past.

After you have finished your list, write a two-parts healing letter for each incident.

Write letters identifying problems your relationship is experiencing. Work  together as much as possible to create compromise.

The next step is to write a letter assuming responsibility for any actions that caused arm to the relationship or your partner in the past.

Then, write a letter of love. You can write a letter that describes the love you feel for your partner. Make a list of at least 50 reasons why you love your partner.

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