Rebound Sex

You have rebound sex when you jump into a new relationship right after a breakup to fill emptiness in your heart; it can be lust, not love.

When is the right time to date after a breakup? For many people, the healing can be long; for some it can take a few weeks only. After a turbulent affair with your past lover, here comes a person who you think will fill up the emptiness at the moment. It’s alright to go out on a friendly date. It’s part of the healing process. But your reeling emotion brings intimacy that you can misread as a new-found love. This can just be called rebound sex.

What Is Rebound Sex?

Rebound sex can happen if in such a short time, you are swept away by this person like a knight in shining armor in medieval movies. It’s a roller coaster affair and you are immediately hooked to this new man while trying to mend your heart from the previous relationship. Intimacy is inevitable. You may think it is love; it’s simply rebound sex.

A person who broke up with a former lover experiences intense rejection. The tendency is to fill up a void to cope with the rejection. If the need to be love is so intense, casual dating can lead to physical attraction and chemistry. Whether the love hormone has something to do with it or the person just hungers for love, attention and sex, the fact is rebound sex can happen so easily.

Love Versus Lust

Is it love or lust? It looks like a deep emotion coming from the heart. However, the physiological makeup of a person can be at work such as the adrenalin, the brain and the pituitary gland. For example, a female undergoes monthly hormonal changes that increase her sexual urge during ovulation. She feels “hot”. This is what happens biologically with the chemicals reactions inside the body.

But in the brain, the nerves work with the emotions. That’s when complications happen. Intense emotional impulse can draw us into actions. This means that whether it’s love or lust, it can lead to satisfying your sexual drive. The body battles with reason to stabilize the feeling of love or lust. The consequences of the decision to act on the impulse or drive can affect your entire life.

Battling emotions from a past relationship is really hard. You may not be aware of the impact of a love relationship to your life. Many times, being in love will result to a person’s achievement or failure. It can make or break you. At that very moment, you only need someone to fill up an empty space in your life and when you do find someone, it’s very easy to find yourself in a rebound sex.

But people with self-control will logically think that there is a need to set aside and forget past relationship before getting involved in another relationship. You have to be ready when you begin a new relationship and be emotionally attached to someone again.

Rebound Sex Is Complex

Every person needs love and security. People who fall into rebound sex can be traced to an environment lacking in parental love. Those who grew up in a secure and loving home environment during their youth will hardly think of taking part in a “one night stand” affair.

Rebound sex is scary because it can result to unwanted pregnancies. Careless sexual drive can devastate the entire civilized world. Many problems can be traced to senseless gratification of sex urges. Some of these issues center on social and political responsibilities including abortion, famine, unemployment, and health.

How do you prevent getting into rebound sex? Know and understand that you can only be happy if you don’t feel bitter. If you think this way, then you are ready to fall in love again and give yourself fully. If you still feel hurt, don’t commit another mistake by simply satisfying your lust and falling into a rebound sex.

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